Emissaries of Spirit

These are a very large collective of beings who exist in many different realms and dimensions of light and love whose divine consciousness supports us whenever we call to them. They include the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestral Masters, the Earth spirits (landscape and sacred site guardians, faeries, overlighting angels, elementals, nature spirits, crystal and plant devas, and animal spirits).

The emissaries of Spirit are always available to interact with humanity to co-create heaven on Earth. They already embody a divine aspect of God/Goddess, (the Source of All That Is, Divine Creator) and so have no judgement, radiating only love, understanding and compassion, no matter what we have done or how much we resist the truth of our own being.

We may call to the Angels, such as the angels of love, the angels of grace, the angels of healing, the angels of the Earth and the angels from the celestial realms, to assist us at any time. They do not have free will as humanity does, but exist in group consciousness to support the divine plan for all beings. The more that we call for their help, the more we attune to them and receive profoundly.

The Archangels oversoul the angelic kingdom and each have powerful gifts to support humanity. For example, we may call upon Archangel Raphael for healing and Archangel Michael for dissolving energies that veil the truth. They hold a connection to the All That Is, the Source frequency, to align us to our divinity and our purity of heart.

The Ascended (or Enlightened) masters are highly evolved, multi-dimensional beings who have a truly amazing understanding of our life here on the Earth. Whether they have lived here before in the physical or in other systems, they each hold special mastery which they offer to us in service whenever we ask them for this.

Through their teachings, energy transmissions and guidence, they support us to be happy, loving, whole and free. They are many and include Lord Buddha, Christ, Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Saint Germaine, Maitreya, Sananda, Mother Gaia, the Ancestral Masters, and Sanat Kumara.

Like the Angels and Archangels, the more that we connect and interact with them, the more that we get to know them and receive their assistance.

The Ancestral Masters are the guardians of all Earth kingdoms who assist all kingdoms to be receive the love and light of the divine Source of All That Is. Connection to them supports us to reconnect our earthly self to our own divine presence and the light and love of God. The Ancestral Masters bear witness to our past life experiences on the Earth, and offer wisdom as to the higher truth of them.

The Earth Spirits support all of the natural world in a myriad of ways, including holding the guardianship of the wisdom of the ages held in the “bones”, the rocks, of the Earth. We feel this wisdom and the concentration of love when we walk into a landscape that emanates strong energy, for example, sacred sites like Grand Canyon in the USA, Uluru/Kata Tjuta in Australia and Mount Kailash in Tibet or any of our favourite natural places. We may connect to this divine consciousness of the Earth and receive guidance in life. Or we may connect to the pure joy of being held by the nature spirits and faeries, or the healing energies held within the crystalline kingdom.

Ocha Sheehan