Earth Realms

To work with the Earth is to work with her many different realms and kingdoms, and when you grow in your understanding of them, you understand why shamans and the nature peoples do what they do in their ceremonies. Each realm has its own language and qualities, and so to sing, sound, dance, pray and meditate, to use crystals and work with energy, is all part of a great repertoire for the sacred meeting with Mother Earth and all of her emissaries.

Gaia is a cosmic enlightened master consciousness who is birthing for our universe the path of ascension from within the physical body. She supports all masculine and feminine consciousness to come into sacred balance – that is, into the Christ Conscious state of being. She holds all in her great field of unconditional love as we each make this journey to physicalise our spirit into matter ~ the embodiment of this consciousness through the connection to our divine nature.

Sri’ama Qala, a prominent world teacher and earth worker, describes 7 realms in her book, “Opening Our Spiritual Eyes”, which corresponds to my own experience of working with Mother Gaia. Her energy system of the great currents of love, light and creation, through the leys, song lines, energy vortices, portals (sacred sites and landscape temples), her tectonic plates and magnificent grid system, all coordinate to support these 7 realms.

The first realm is Inner Earth, the heart of Mother Gaia, a voidal realm and gateway to all of her other realms and other star systems of our galaxy and universe. All planets, suns, moons and stars have a voidal centre, as do we beloved. Here is one of the many correspondences between the Earth and humanity, which you discover continuously when working with her.

Gaia’s voidal core also holds the creation codes for all life ~ all of our dreaming draws from these codes and these form the basis for our creations in life. These codes come from the cosmic waves of creation from Source, and the most ancient Creation Mothers and Fathers reside here, over-souling the creation process for Gaia. When you are deep within the stillness, with no thoughts and no space, you are in the void.

The second realm is Middle Earth where the spirit of the natural world resides and draws its life force from ~ the nature spirits, elementals, elves, crystal guardians, faeries and animal spirits. The Ancestral Masters of Light who orchestrate the great energy systems of the Earth, reside here in Middle Earth as well as the Inner Earth. It is in this realm that the great cities of light are held within the portals and sacred sites such as Macchu Pichu, Uluru/Kata Tjuta, Mount Kailash and Lake Titicaca. From here you can connect to your ancestral self and receive the gifts that you may have relinquished or forgotten that you had for the benefit of yourself and others.

The third realm is the Physical world as we know it, with its animals, humans, plants, insects, mountains, rivers and streams, oceans, volcanos, deserts, forests and canyons. All life within this physical world interact and are supported by all of the other realms, whether they are conscious of it or not.

The fourth realm is the Angelic realm made of pure light and sacred geometries. All here live in group consciousness and serve humanity in the way that we have come to experience that the angels do. This realm is deeply connected to the plants and trees and the most beautiful fruits and food plants in our life were gifted to us from this angelic realm. The plants, in turn, support humanity, the animals and the Earth with their special properties and consciousness. When we transmit our light and offer our beautiful drawings that are created from our hearts, we are communicating with this world.

The fifth realm is a crystalline group consciousness made from plasma, sound, sacred geometries and light, and Earth’s crystals are deeply connected it. Creation blueprints are stored here as crystalline plasma packages of living intelligence. Our own chakras have a plasma crystal within their core that house our Akashic records and consciousness. By working with the crystalline consciousness of Mother Earth, we also purify and expand our own chakra system. Maintaining the physical crystalline structure of the Earth is important for the continual evolution of our own bodies to crystalline bodies of light.

The sixth realm is created from rays of sound or celestial light and is the realm of love. It is very fluid and helps us to move through all fears and doubts through the great waves of love that emanate from it. The sound is from celestial spheres, Universal Mother, and is not audible to us but it pulses all life as it opens us to our spirit and expands our hearts to meet our bigger selves. The highest dimensional angels and archangels come from this world to work with love for the Earth Mother. The ancient world of Lemuria was created from this realm.

The seventh world is the home of the Divine Presences of all here and a realm through which all divine beings of light can interact with the Earth Mother for the highest good of all. Great inspirations and technologies that have transformed life in the physical realm were seeded from this realm. These enlightened presences can be contacted through deep, dedicated meditation and world service, and as they respect humanity’s gift of free will, they hold to a principle of non-interference unless their assistance is called upon.

All of these worlds are intertwined and inter-related and there is a part of our consciousness existing and working in each of them. When we work with the Earth through ceremony, meditation and creation, we become aware of them consciously, and this creates a sense of wholeness, confidence, empowerment and belonging. We realise our original role as sacred stewards of the Earth to maintain balance and harmony with all life.

Blessed be the Earth, Blessed be all life on her, Blessed be your life beloved,


Ocha Sheehan