What is a Happy Heart Session

As a Mentor of the Divine University, Ocha offers the HAPPY HEART SESSION, a profound, yet simple way to open your heart deeply, allowing you to say YES to your beautiful heart energy flowing more through all of your life.

During this 90 minute session you are led through an easy and interactive process with Ocha, to energetically lift from you unresolved energies which limit your happiness and joy. You will feel lighter and freer after your Happy Heart session.

Ocha will share with you about the three Universal Laws that aid you to bypass the creation of challenges in your life and develop greater happiness.

You can easily open to a new flow of divine light, love and joy as you integrate the shift offered through receiving a Happy Heart session.

Where do I receive the session

You may receive the session long distance via Skype, webinar or phone as most of Ocha’s sessions are given in this way, or come to her home at Umina Beach, NSW, Australia.

How Does Th Happy Heart Session Work

During the session you are infused with divine energy and held in a pyramid shaped energetic chamber of light for 90 minutes.

Ocha makes a beautiful heart connection with your Soul, transmitting grace, love and wisdom into the core of your being.

As your chakras are gently scanned with a form of divine light technology held within the pyramid, Ocha supports you to recognise unresolved energy and consciousness that is no longer serving you, so the pyramid chamber can infuse divine energy into any recognised energy or consciousness blockages.

As this energy needing resolution is simply honoured and accepted, higher light frequencies that help to dissolve, purify or transform this within you are activated to infuse through your chakras to begin the transformation process.

Ocha is working in symbiosis with the Angels, Archangels and your Higher Self and Divine Presence to give you the highest level of divine assistance.

It may even seem magical how the grace flows so easily through you.

The 5 Primary Benefits of the Happy Heart

You will –

  1. Experience a sense of liberation or freedom occur after each Happy Heart session that you receive.

  2. Be supported to transform one or more of your core unresolved energies that weigh upon your soul.

  3. Improve your relationships with others as you develop the relationship with yourself.

  4. Learn to become the Loving Observer of yourself, understanding about Universal Laws and how to apply them in your daily life with positive results.

  5. Be lovingly supported by what I have experienced personally to shift the source of challenges in my own life and transform them. I truly care about this for you and would also love you to experience a happy heart in life.

 What you receive

  • 90 minute personal session

  • Audio recording

  • A chakra scan report

  • A teaching about the three Universal Laws and how to apply them

How Many Happy Heart Sessions Will I Need

This is different for everyone. It is recommended by the Enlightened Ones that 3 Happy Hearts will create a very powerful shift in the heart of any Soul.

This is unique though and the truth of this can only be felt by the soul requiring the assistance.

It may only require one session or could be up to five sessions if immense healing is required of the heart of a soul.  Every soul will be guided to find what really works for them once they have received the 1st session and 1st level of their divine shift. 

How Can I Book a Session Now
email Ocha with suggested days and times that work for you.

Session Fee for 90 minutes

AU$150, or US$111