Through your soul’s connection to the Inner Earth, Middle Earth and Angelic Realms
For your Love and Empowerment in Physical Form

Is this the missing puzzle piece to you moving forward in 2020?

Receive from your own home ~ 9 webcasts
3 Hours Every Second Saturday
First webcast: Saturday 13 July 2019
Last webcast: Saturday 2 November 2019

With all her love, Ocha invites you to soul travel into Gaia’s many realms of light through meditational journeys, channelled teachings, sacred sound and mantra that opens the doors to her sacred mysteries. You are guided into the Inner Earth, Middle Earth, Physical Earth Portals and the Angelic Realms to receive the love and understanding of your ancient, earth heart.

A part of you in spirit resides in each of these worlds, and how you love, create and manifest in your physical world is strongly influenced by the connection you have with these inner worlds of the Earth.

With the greatest love and compassion, the Inner Earth Council of Elders, the Ancient Ones and the Earth Guardians assist you to reclaim your soul’s ancient relationship with the Earth Spirits that opens you to a whole new love and empowerment in your physical life.

These great beings of light include the faeries, elementals, elven, dragon and serpent spirits, guardians, Earth angels, unicorns, animal spirits and Earth caretakers.

Ocha, with the Earth Mother and her emissaries, will assess how grounded you are through your base chakra system and channel information about this to you. Then you will receive what your Ancestral Earth body is that will support you in the highest way to connect to the worlds during this program. It includes a special Earth portal that you can work with at home to strengthen this connection.

3 hour webcast every second Saturday

Personal session from Ocha about your Ancestral Earth body

Guide for Simple Self-Mastery techniques

Written descriptions of the Earth Worlds

Personal service and support between webcasts

Written summaries and integration tips of each webcast

Downloadable audios of teachings and meditations

FEE: AU$750
Deposit: AU$300
First Instalment: AU$300
Last Instalment: AU$160

A computer or other device and fast internet connection
Be able to receive emails
Have a quiet, uninterrupted space for the webcasts


Webcasts 1 and 2

Inner Earth connection through the portals of Uluru/Kata Tjuta, Grand Canyon and Mount Shasta

Opening to the unconditional Love of the Earth Mother and her Council of Elders, and releasing ancient fears and limitations through ~

The Voidal centre of Pure Potential and Creation.
The Central Sun of Gaia’s heart, the gateway to Source.
With the assistance of the great Ancestral Creation Spirits of Earth.

Webcasts 3 and 4

Middle Earth connection through the portals of Glastonbury, Teotihuacan and Mount Shasta

Opening to the light and regeneration systems of the Earth through ~

The great leylines and crystalline grids of light
The divine consciousness of the mineral kingdoms and elementals
The assistance of the Faeries, Dragons, Elven, Elder trees and many other nature spirits

Webcasts 5 and 6

Physical Earth connection through the portals of Table Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Gobi Desert

Opening to the sacredness and beauty of the physical body through ~

A connection to nature that is the expression of the beauty and splendour of Divine Source.
Accepting what the Earth has to give your physical body to live, grow, create and evolve.
With the assistance of the Earth portals and their guardians and caretakers.

Webcasts 7 and 8

Angelic Realms connection through Uluru

Opening your angelic wings of light to your giving nature through ~

The Angelic Heart of the Earth and the angelic symphonies of sound and light.
Accepting angelic assistance for your challenges in life.
With the assistance of the Angelic Light League

Webcast 9 (1.5 hours)

Harmonising and grounding all that you have received and opened to, for a new peace and unity within.


Ocha is a Messenger for the Earth Mother and all her worlds, and an Ambassador of the Inner Earth Councils and Mentor for the Divine University, Arizona, USA. She assists you to open your heart to the Earth and all her worlds, that you may open to the truth of your divine relationship with them and know you have a place here that will make your heart sing.

As Keeper of the Earth Heart Axis, she offers a master grounding of your energy and consciousness so that you may receive from the life support systems of the Inner Earth, Middle Earth and their portals on the Earth’s surface. This builds a solid foundation of light for your whole being to open more and more to the embodiment of your higher self and divine presence in physical form.

She offers this through all of her teaching and healing work in the Opening to Earth courses, individual sessions, Earth ceremony in sacred sites and Eco-spirit Walks.