10 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2019 ~ 5 FULL DAYS
Completing ceremony on the full moon in Pisces
You will need to travel separate days

Connect to the heart of Gaia through the Inner Earth, and to the Four Elements of this land, to bring the Great Balance to the physical body and its connection to the spirit of the Earth and the Stars.

Be a transmitter of the light streaming through you for the Earth and all life around you.

With all her love Ocha invites you to share in group for five days many profound experiences of a deep connection with the Mother Earth and her many worlds through ceremonies, eco-spirit walks and channelled teachings and meditations in the sacred sites and vast wilderness of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

We will be traveling daily to the sacred sites to receive from the biggest Love portal on the planet at Uluru, and then receive the celestial light of the stars from one of the biggest stargates in the world, Kata Tjuta. Through this daily connection, we will bridge the divide between our heart and mind to allow our higher consciousness to shine. As this unfolds, we will give back to the Earth Mother by transmitting our light into her light grids as special blessing from our hearts each day. Ocha will guide everyone through this process with ease and grace.

The group will be staying in the outback resort town of Yulara which was built to provide accommodation and services to Uluru and Kata Tjuta visitors, as well as to the local Aboriginal Anangu community, and is located on the outskirts of the national park.

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And from the Inner Earth and Middle Earth, the great generators of energy that support all life, including ours, is orchestrated through her creation elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and these bridge all of the dimensions of life, from the pure causal realms of spirit to the physical body manifest.

Your physical body and energy is connected to hers through these powerful elemental systems too, and so to bring the Great Balance to your body is to bring the Great Balance to the body of the Earth.

When this occurs, your body becomes the anchor point and foundation of strength for your higher consciousness and its divine expression in life, and this propels you to live an inspiring, happy life.

We will be staying in Yulara, the outback resort town on the outskirts of Uluru, where there are a good range of hotels at varying prices. There is also a town square with a post office, shops and a good supermarket.

Personal session with Ocha
Car hire and petrol
Camel ride at sunset
Field of Lights experience
Park entrance fees
Teaching fee

Flights to and from Yulara
Accommodation at Yulara

You will need to book your own flights, so the recommended option is to fly directly to Yulara from your nearest major city. Please note that it will be called Ayers Rock by the airlines.
For details:

The group will travel in hire cars organised by Ocha

Please book your accommodation by going to this link where you will be able to choose which hotel to stay in.

It is much more economical to share a room so it is recommended that you become a member of our private facebook group to find a room buddy or to bring a friend.
Note that while the Outback Pioneer Lodge is cheaper, it is a backpackers style hotel and can be very noisy.
Also the Lost Camel hotel is cheaper too but the rooms a quite small for two.

Evening meals ~ we will dine out together if possible each evening – mostly in the Town Square restaurant at Geckos, or the Pioneer BBQ. You may also like to treat yourself to the extra special dining evening on offer there.

Breakfasts ~ you can either dine in or go out, but we will be starting very early in the mornings if the weather is very warm, so be prepared to have a quick meal. It is recommended that you buy ingredients from the very well stocked local supermarket and eat in. It has GF and DF products and good fresh fruit and veg, however it is expensive.

Lunches ~ you will need to take a packed lunch most days so once again, the ingredients can be bought from the local supermarket. It is advised to bring a lunch box for this with a small ice pack.

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Deposit to Register: AU$500
First Instalment due 30 June 2019: AU$465
Second Instalment due 26 August 2019: AU$465


Through the channeled guidence of Ocha, you will ~

Receive a personal session to discover your unique ancestral relationship with the Inner Earth and Middle Earth to bring a new understanding of your earthly nature that is a significant part of your soul.

Reclaim a gift of your soul that you have left behind in another lifetime from the Ancient Ones in Uluru.

Integrate the big experiences of your life up until now to see clearly their blessings so you can complete them.

Open to your higher consciousness from the stars (Kata Tjuta) and the Earth (Uluru) and gain clarity and insights for your life direction and a new way of being.

Release tension and anxiety from your physical and genetic body easily as you sit on the red earth and rejuvenate with your connection to the vast energy field of this land.

Bring stillness and peace to your mind by connecting to the ocean of love in the Inner Earth for you.

Experience deep listening to the messages from the Ancestral Guardians and Caretakers of Uluru and Kata Tjuta through the rocks, the nature spirits and elements, the flowers and the animals, and the thousand year old trees that grow there.

Ride a one humped camel at sunrise and let these ships of the desert help you to immerse yourself in nature and the remote, pristine wilderness.

You can talk to Ocha about any questions that may arise by mobile, whatsap, messenger or email
Phone: +61 411 575604

To register please pay either in full or a deposit and email Ocha:

Deposit to Register: AU$500
First Instalment due 30 June 2019: AU$465
Second Instalment due 26 August 2019: AU$465

Ocha Sheehan is an amazingly gifted earth-love-light worker, with whom we experienced the most divinely guided and illuminated journey through and around Uluru and Kata Juta. Throughout our entire journey, I felt completely cared for and held in ways that totally honoured who I am and why I came. The experience of this trip to Uluru, with Ocha as our guide, is a jewel to my heart, for which I am profoundly and infinitely grateful: Thank you, thank you, Ocha! Kathryn Elaine Eeshah, New York, USA

Ocha's toning and sounding are amazing and take me off to deep journeys beneath the earth. I love that I can connect with the ancestral Voidal mothers and ancient spirit mothers with Ocha. Loving this journey.
Robyn Bell, Melbourne, Australia

The pulsating Light, the Love, the colours were all incredible. The Energy Spiralling me. There was no part of me that was not totally accepting of 'Divine Love' and the tears of Joy followed as they so often do. I sat in the 'Light' and became a pillar of Light and a pillar of Love. Sending Love Laughter Healing and Bliss.
Brenda Fleming, Byron Bay, Australia

Ocha walks her talk. She has such a beautiful personality, she so down to earth, friendly, warm, kind, funny, giving and very easy to talk to. Ocha makes you feel good and special just being around her.
Jovih, New Zealand

I've received a lot from the meditations as far as healing and developing a greater understanding and awareness of myself and my subtle and energetic connection. I have found lot of healing in connecting to the flowers and animals and a greater sense of oneness and connection with the world, the earth, nature and all that is around me. Also I have loved the sounding helping me to tune in and express my essence and the ceremonies in nature which I've found really grounding and fun.
Belinda Mort, Berowra Heights, Australia

With the Elements, the sensations that I received while connecting with Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are hard to put into words, but were very profound. Ocha is truly a powerful and yet gentle connection to Mother Earth for us. I felt that she guided me through seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling how interwoven we are with the various beauties of Mother Earth.
Joan Snow, New Jersey, USA

I feel like a child at the doorway and I have only been full of delight at all possibilities. I feel a connection and a new delight on our walks in nature and I must say, this has stirrings that I am yet to fully understand.
Leiane O'Gara, Sydney, Australia

I really feel more connected to the Earth, myself and others around me. It is like I have shed a few layers and the real me is coming through.
Jen Pybus, Sydney, Australia

All cancelations result in loss of deposit.
Cancelations made up until 12 August receives a refund of payments made after the deposit payment.
Cancelations made after 12 August receives a refund of payments made after the deposit payment less $100.