Receiving her sessions is deep medicine, healing, clearing and anchoring. her presence streaming frequency ignited all of me to receive fully the greatness. so grateful and incredibly blessed to have her in my life.
— Isheeni, Sydney

Ocha’s sessions are deep & powerful. They offer insight & guidance into one’s deeper self & spiritual being, healing & release. What a joy to receive, I am so grateful for what she brings through her sessions.
— Melissa Edwards, Sydney

I have had many readings from Ocha over many years and feel she offers great clarity which holds a frequency of truth and wisdom from such a pure source that I feel no one but the highest of teachers offers this calibre of reading. She is a true gift to anyone who discovers her. I recommend just consulting with her on most any thing form Health issues to support with clearing land and for clarity on blockages to achieving your hearts dreams. She harnesses the spiritual wisdom that changes lives.
— Elushia, Byron Bay

Ocha feels to me like a tree. I feel her grounded anchored in the light and clear with an open soft heart, and this is so helpful for me.
— Azuni, Netherlands