Let the light in to ancient parts of self to embrace change in your life
Be a conduit of light from the stars to the Earth and gift this to the great leys of Sydney

Receive a gift for your life from the Ancient Ones of Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Through the group heart with ceremony, sounding, meditation, teachings and a personal session

Every second Saturday

Starts with a webcast: Saturday 3 November 2018

Ends with a weekend retreat: April 2019 - date to be decided

PROGRAM OVER 6 MONTHS ~ Every second Saturday


We go to each of these locations listed below for the day once a month to do Earth Ceremony ~

  • Sydney Harbour National Park, the place that marks the turning point of Australian history (birthing place of European settlement)

  • Royal Botanic Gardens ~ Australia’s first European style botanic gardens designated 28 years after settlement

  • Royal National Park ~ birthing place of the world’s national park system ~ the second national park in the world to be designated after Yellowstone in the US

  • Lane Cove National Park ~ beautiful river connecting the old and the new

  • Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park ~ the corridor to the Blue Mountains and guardian of the Hawkesbury river mouth

  • The Blue Mountains National Park Site 1 ~ in retreat ~ the mountains are the heart of the east coast of Australia to Byron Bay and connector to Uluru/Kata Tjuta and Kakadu National Parks

  • The Blue Mountains National Park Site 2 ~ we will work in two locations during the retreat


We meet online each month to connect to the guardian keepers of each location/portal to receive their blessings, prepare our energy and receive teachings. You will need a computer, phone or tablet to do this from your own home.


We come together for two nights in the Blue Mountains to complete with ceremonies, meditations and teachings over two day3



Written summaries of what was received at each ceremony

Audio recording of each webcast

Personal session to activate and open your Earth Heart Axis (creation) and Base Chakra System (physical body) to the Australian continent through Uluru/Kata Tjuta

Park entrance fees

Teachings about the wildlife and ecology of the iconic parklands of Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Personal assistance when needed

Meeting special new people and working in group consciousness for the Earth Mother and all of Sydney

Delicious healthy snacks for each day out


While the teaching fees for the 2 night Blue Mountains retreat in April 2019 is included in the cost in this course, the accommodation, travel and food is not. We will be booking a simple Airbnb house to share so the cost will be minimal. There will be 2 dinners out and we will bring food to have the other meals inhouse. This keeps costs to a minimum for everyone.


For webcast ~
Computer or other device to join the online webcasts from home

For ceremonies ~
Loose, comfortable clothing and sun hat

Water and packed lunch

Backpack to be hands free

Crystals if guided


The Blue Mountains is the heart chakra of the east coast of Australia, from Byron Bay to Wilson’s Promontory, and within this ancient land, the star mothers and fathers hold the ki’s (keys) of Christ consciousness for our current time. They also receive the creation currents and Source frequencies of Uluru/Kata Tjuta and Kakadu.

It is therefore important to maintain the connection of the Sydney region to this large portal so that all life in Sydney, including humanity, continues to receive the life support of the Earth’s energy system and light body system.



These historic national parks of Sydney carry the wisdom and stories of the evolution of Australia and Gondwana through their trees, the rocks, the waters, the plants and the animals, and open us to the great portals and leys beneath our feet. Through offering ceremony together each month in each location, you will experience this directly yourself as Ocha guides the whole process. And in each location you will receive a special gift of light from the Ancient Heart of Gaia that will bless your physical body and human-ness.

To receive this Ocha guides you to ground your energy into the heart of the Mother Earth and open your Earth Heart Axis and Base Chakra System into the matrix of light beneath your feet, that is, your Earth Matrix. This is like a ship of light that keeps you stable and anchored through the turbulence of great change and shifts into new ways of being.

Ocha as the Keeper of the Earth Heart Axis and an Ambassador for the Inner Earth Councils of Light through the Divine University, will guide you with ease and grace into the joy and bliss of this profound Earth connection. We will have fun doing this, and you will be supported by each member of the group, as well as the Earth Mother’s nature spirits, elementals, ancient ones, portal keepers and caretakers of this land.


The Earth is a group consciousness so we work in group together whenever we work with the Earth in some way. Ocha will guide the group to give to the Earth Mother by drawing the celestial light of the stars down into the Earth grids and transmitting this through all the leys to energise them and connect the power sites of Sydney.

All through this program, the Blue Mountains supports your mind-heart-body bridge to open your ancient heart to the light of your divinity through the outpouring of celestial light and Earth light through you. Then the portal keepers reveal the gift held deep within the Earth for you, and by opening to receive this, you serve the Earth as well.

All enquiries welcome: ocha@ochasheehan.com


Please register by paying the full fee or a deposit.

FEE: $1288 full payment

You can pay this upfront or by instalments ~

Deposit:    $450
1st instalment:    $434
2nd instalment:   $434