New Moon Meditations 2019

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A Gift from the Heart of Humanity to the Earth Mother
For the Trees, the Animals and All Life

By Webcast Online
1 hour meditation
7pm AEST (Sydney, Australia)
Friday August 30th 2019
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Everyone is invited who shares this heart wish

With all our love Ocha invites you to come together as a collective online each new moon to seed the unified field with our visions and prayers of a vibrant and flourishing natural world here on Earth, that its beauty and splendour may live on as a sacred legacy to our children.

We will be supported by the Elder Trees, the Spirit of the Animals, the Ancient Ones, the Guardian Keepers and the Earth Caretakers, the Enlightened Masters, the Archangels and the Angelic Legions of Light to receive their blessings and wisdom of the New Earth.

Through the love of our heart and the light of our visionary nature, we can energise the highest potential creation for a world where humanity lives in perfect harmony and joyful cooperation with nature. We know that energy is directed to where intention is focused, so let us direct it in this way for the Earth Mother and all her kingdoms.

Guest presenters, whose work also has a special connection to the Earth, will be invited to join Ocha from time to time.

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May 2019

Receiving the strength of the lions and birthing a new forest on the African plains


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June 2019

Experience symbiosis with an Elder Tree and share the Web of Life with a cheetah and her three cubs


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July 2019

Be blessed by the giant flowers of the Inner Earth and the giant bees that visit them


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August 2019

The blessings of Gold, Silver and Platinum and seeding the vision of humanity co-creating with the Middle Earth councils for their use