What is an Earth Heart Axis Session

This session clears and energises your Earth Heart Axis for your creation and manifestation in life. It is through this remarkable matrix of light in your lower chakras around your base and hips that you are able to ground inspirational ideas and ways of being into your physical reality. This includes relationships, projects, spiritual teachings, services and the embodiment of consciousness such as love, compassion and wisdom.
It is also through the Earth Heart Axis that your energy system releases your old creations and dreams that are no longer relevant to you, and this makes way for the new coming through. Often we know what our heart is telling us to do but we are unable to move forward due to blockages from fears and uncertainty.

How does it work

Ocha is a master of the Earth Heart Axis as well as the chakra system, and so this, together with her special relationship to the Earth’s energy system, makes her sessions very empowering for you. She sits in front of you in a high vibrational state and tunes into your energy,  offering special toning, ancient mantra, channelled messages and healing transmissions to dissolve the old and energise the new.

What you receive during the session

The free flow of your core energy is worked on to release blockages so that you feel more energised and vital.
Your energy system is grounded to help you feel more stable and have a clear head.
Your Earth matrix of light that is unique to you is re-weaved into the Earth’s energy grid so your body can receive from this big support system.
If there is time, your feminine and masculine energy will be grounded and harmonised to give peace of mind.

What you receive after the session

An audio recording of the whole session
A written summary with follow through tips
You can ask questions for up to a week after the session

Where can you receive it

You can come to Umina Beach, New South Wales, Australia to receive her sessions personally, or receive them from your own home long distance, via Skype, webcast, phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime. Either way is equally affective.

How much

AU$135 for 1.5 hours

To book a session - Please email Ocha