What is it

Ocha tunes into your chakras to receive about the core cause of your fears and burdens that prevent you from moving forward in your life. The Akasha, or the libraries of light within, reveal what is most needed by you at this time to lovingly release the past and its old programs so that you can open to the new you coming through. You will receive the higher truth of your soul’s experience that assist this process, and break ancient contracts that no longer serve you.

How does it work

Ocha is a master Akashic Record Keeper and as she sits in front of you in a high vibrational state, she tunes into your energy, offering special toning, ancient mantra, channelled messages, advanced light technologies and healing transmissions to dissolve the old and energise the new. She guides you to break the contracts, and works with the Family of Light so that you do not have to meet this on your own.

What you receive during the session

The core cause of your fears and burdens
The higher truth and perspective of your soul’s experience
Breaking old contracts
Channelled wisdom teachings and guidance

What you receive after the session

An audio recording of the whole session
A written summary with follow-through tips
An invite to ask questions for up to a week after the session

Where can you receive it

You can come to Umina Beach, New South Wales, Australia to receive her sessions personally, or receive them from your own home long distance, via Skype, webcast, phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime. Either way is equally affective.

How much

AU$135 for 1.5 hours

EMAIL to book a session